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Free Weight Loss Plan

Free Diet Plan - Free Weight Loss Plan

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Tom Armstrong comes from a musical family, and has played piano and violin since a young age.   He began his piano tuning apprenticeship at age 14, with Reginald Greenbrook in San Jose, California.  While studying electrical engineering at San Jose State University, he decided to pursue a professional piano technician career instead.  He has been a Registered Technician member of the Piano Technicians Guild since 1978.  He has continued in his education by  attending factory sponsored training classes, seminars, conventions, and workshops, in addition to reading the Piano Technician's Journal regularly. 

Although pianos have not changed greatly during his career, the techniques in service and understanding the instrument have.  Tom is constantly learning ways to improve his workmanship, to the benefit of his customers.  His excellent reputation and integrity are reflected by the trusting relationships with his widely varied clientele in Monterey County.


Introduction Noted Clientele Recommendations Services Offered FAQ's Contact Us

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Free Weight Loss Plan
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